If you are visiting us then you probably have a caravan, a motorhome or a boat and are looking for that extra bit of comfort while you enjoy your trips. You have come to the right place.

Caravan Memory Foam specialise in manufacturing bespoke memory foam products for places where a standard memory foam mattress simply wouldn't fit such as a caravan, motorhome or boat.

If you have used a memory foam mattress in your home then you will know how memory foam can benefit you. A memory foam mattress works differently from regular mattresses by reducing pressure point and by offering a soft personal level of comfort while you sleep.

Memory foam can do this because it of the properties of the material. Memory foam warms and softens with your body heat. The memory foam warms more where there is higher pressure and therefore softens where the pressure is highest. This means that pain is minimised on your pressure points while the mattress still remains supportive where you need it.