Care & Comfort Products

We are a family run business passionate about helping you to make the right choice when it comes to investing in a memory foam product either a new memory foam mattress or memory foam mattress topper or memory foam pillow.

Since the company’s early beginnings, the search for the best night’s sleep has been our driving force. From the humble foam mattress, to the revolutionary memory foam mattress, to the increasingly popular latex mattress, impressive selection of base surrounds in luxurious upholstered materials of your choice, or oak or pine solid woods, our range of adjustable beds are both stylish and comfortable and as a potential customer, if we fail to impress you, we would like to know why.

We put the health of our customers before profit and want to ensure that our expertise and professional customer service guides you through the benefits of investing in a memory foam product whatever your individual needs, be it difficulty sleeping, for medical reasons, for extra support and comfort in your later years, for choosing the right mattress for your kids, for anti-allergy reasons, or simply for choosing the ultimate in sleep comfort and support.