Comfort Kids Cot Mattresses

Supplied factory direct from the company that makes thousands of cot mattresses every month. The comfort kids brand of cot mattresses brings you high quality cot and cot bed mattresses at unbelievable prices. We do this by cutting out the high street retail shops and their on costs. By keeping our margins low and by selling and distributing direct from the factory we can sell at such low prices and still keep our quality high.

We manufacture all our cot mattresses in bulk quantities and aim our product range at the biggest running cot and cot bed sizes currently sold in the UK. These being 140 x 70 cm, 120 x 60 cm and 117 x 54 cm, Thus enabling our manufacturing to be efficient and so keeping our costs down. Because we manufacture in large production runs we do not make bespoke sized mattresses or offer products differing from our standard range. At present we have 4 cot mattress options foam 7½ cm, sprung 10 cm, cool flow 10 cm and pocket sprung 10 cm.