Futons Online

Mirthglen, the parent company of Futonsonline was formed in 1980 as an independent specialist futon company involved in the manufacture and retailing of futon furniture. Initially "futons" were a category of the furniture trade that wasn't well known but that situation evolved steadily.

Over the next twenty years futon products could be found on most high streets and in many department stores, establishing their niche in the furniture world. We have always believed that futon sofabeds are unique with enormous potential and not a disposable product with built-in obsolescence which is the way catalogue companies and supermarkets have tended to regard ready to assemble furniture.

Mirthglen, grew to be a company with six shops spread across the UK, Scandinavia, Belgium and the Netherlands. We used our experiences to design wooden and steel futon sofabeds and were part of the breakthrough into quality futon products that offer comfort and durability at affordable price points.

In the past decade Asian companies with modern facilities have made a good job of manufacturing wooden and steel futon frames, part of the reason why they have a virtual monopoly of supply. Our range of frames reflects the diversity that currently exists but better news is that all our futon mattresses are hand made in the UK.

Some of the fillings used for our mattresses are at the cutting edge of natural fibre technology and recent customers have been very suprised by the advances of contemporary futon mattresses, they look neater, are much lighter and last longer. These positive attributes make "convertible" furniture an ideal option that will not disappoint.

Worldwide, people have realised a futon offers an excellent sleeping and sitting surface at a realistic price and compare favourably to upholstered sofabeds that have limitations when used as a bed, as the mattresses used are a block of foam that has to squeezed under the sitting surface.

As an environmentally aware company we realise timber is a scarce resource and therefore make every effort to find suppliers that use renewable resources.