We have been selling our raincovers for over 30 years to the main buggy and pushchair Companies. You now have the opportunity to buy direct from us the manufacturer, at very keen prices. The PVC that we use is 220 micron, phthalate free (DOTP), 'REACH' specification, the current highest British Standard. It is soft, supple, clear PVC with ultraviolet protection to protect your baby from the wind and rain. The higher quality means that it does not stick together like the cheap imported alternatives.

Many of our competitors use a cheaper 180 micron 'toy' quality pvc in their covers. Our covers are easy to attach, compact to store and have a spacious interior for your child's comfort with all round vision and good ventilation. We sell a range of 'Universal' fit and specially 'designed to fit' raincovers for leading Brands, all of which are designed by our 'in house' designers.