Memory Foam Warehouse

Wake up feeling refreshed after sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress, expertly designed to mould to the contours of your body, providing ultimate support throughout the night. The Memory Foam Mattress has revolutionised sleep with its orthopaedic and healthcare benefits.

The advanced technology of memory foam is great for sore joints or back problems as the material absorbs your unique body shape, providing full body support and keeping your spine in perfect alignment in any sleep position. Tossing and turning during the night is the biggest cause of sleep disturbance however as your pressure points are eliminated whilst sleeping on memory foam, the need to toss and turn is reduced by a staggering 80%.

Visco Elastic Memory Foam is an innovative design which was originally developed by NASA to reduce pressure on the bodies of astronauts upon leaving and re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.

As a Memory Foam Mattress is usually denser than other mattresses on the market, they are often expensive.