Pressure Mattress

Low to medium risk mattresses ONLY £200 & FANTASTIC feedback on our new OLA II, exclusive to Pressure Care Systems for the North West areas, value for money for a total replacement 8 alternating pressure mattress. Nursing Beds and Pressure Relieving Mattresses are a massive part of our priority as part of preventing Pressure Ulcers, as the cost and discomfort to your loved ones is greatly reduced with prevention rather than treatment. Nursing Beds, Pressure Mattresses, alternating Seat Cushions as well as turning are the important addition to the pressure care package as Pressure ulcers can be unpleasant, upsetting and challenging to treat.

Therefore, a range of techniques are used to prevent pressure ulcers developing in the first place. Hospital Beds, Pressure Relieving Mattresses, Seat Cushions, Alternating seat cushions, Slings, LOLER Testing, Hoists, some people go for quality and others for price. Our products can not be beaten for quality, also you get a competitive price.