How to Buy a New Mattress

Good sleep is one of the most important factors for our health. More often than not, good sleep is strongly affected by the quality and type of your mattress. However, with such an extensive choice of mattresses on the market today, it seems impossible to choose the right one. In fact, even something so simple as purchasing a new mattress takes time and dedication. However, despite being an overwhelming experience, you still want to do it the right way and invest in a perfect quality mattress. Yes, indeed, choosing the best mattress is definitely a matter of personal preference and needs. However, here are a few more universal tips that can help you.

Different mattress materials

Mattresses can be made out of so many different materials and you need to know a bit much about them in order to ensure you are making the right choice according to your needs and preferences. Innerspring mattresses are the ones using coils, which give you the feeling of strong support and a slight bounce effect. For a bouncier effect, choose a latex mattress that comes with better responsiveness and a cooler feeling. Memory foam mattresses are very popular nowadays, mainly because of the way they are designed to adapt to everybody and contour it. There are also hybrid mattresses that combine memory foam and latex layers on top of an innerspring classic mattress. Perhaps, this type of mattresses is the ultimate balance between softness and support. Finally, air mattresses are just what you can imagine – they are inflated by an air pump to the desired firmness level. When considering a new mattress, make sure to think of firmness too. For example, too old and worn mattress or a too soft one will both not be firm enough to offer enough support to your back and neck.

Test mattresses

The best way to understand what type of mattress feels the best and provides you with enough comfort and support is by simply testing different offers on the market. Thankfully, every mattress shop will allow you to lay down on a mattress sample in-store and feel it. You need at least ten minutes to test every mattress and see how you like it. Buying a new mattress is an important purchase and often a big investment, therefore there is nothing to worry about when testing them in store. You better do it on time, instead of purchasing a mattress, you will soon regret buying once it is at home and you start sleeping on it.


There is no medical organisation designed to officially approve or not approve a certain type of design of a mattress. In general, it is considered that the mattress choice is strictly a matter of personal preferences and comfort. Therefore, even when a mattress is labelled as an “orthopaedic” or “medically-approved”, these labels are actually pure marketing instead of official certificates given by an official organisation.

Firm mattresses are not always the best

In fact, it is a myth that everyone should sleep on a firm mattress in order to sleep well and be healthy. Furthermore, some recent studies show that if you are struggling with low back pain, a slightly softer and less firm mattress will actually be the better choice for you. Keep in mind that there is a significant difference between the firmness of support a mattress can offer and the feeling of firmness you feel once you lay on top of it.

Trial periods and return policies

Since buying a new mattress is often a bigger investment for your household, you don’t want to buy one just to find out you don’t like it at all after a few nights of sleep and looking for a new one all over again. Instead, it will be significantly better to buy your mattress from a supplier who can offer a reasonable trial period and offers a return policy. A free trial period will ensure you can return the mattress and get your money back within a certain time frame and if you are not satisfied with your purchase.